New Valleys Found in Antarctica are Concerning News

The West and East Antarctic Ice Sheets have been linked by unmapped and unseen valleys. Scientists describe them as… These mountain ranges have been hidden deep under the ice until a recent... Read more »

The Carbon Dioxide Makes Plants Less Nutritious, Shows New Study

We fill our planet’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide, impacting the whole globe. What we don’t know is that this also impacts the crops. Not only it changes weather conditions, but it also... Read more »

B.C Oysters Are Contaminated with Microplastics

A new study shows that the top region where oysters grow is polluted with microplastics. The study was conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University, and it recently appeared in the journal... Read more »

Ottawa Will Try To Reduce Plastics, But It Won’t Start Banning It

Montreal has done it and so did Vancouver. Banning plastics will save the environment, but Ottawa is taking baby steps. According to the council’s environment chair, David Chernushenko, Ottawa is not a... Read more »

Are Humans Destroying The Environment? New Study Raises Awareness

Humankind has always been considered the supreme race despite the fact that there are even viruses, worms, fungi or types of fish that are three or 12 times greater and even 200... Read more »

The Emerald Ash Borer Has Decimated Trees in Canada, And It Keeps on Spreading Due to Climate Change

Climate change keeps on affecting the environment, and it’s the leading cause of destroying sensitive ecosystems. A new study researched at the University of Waterloo focuses on how a bug called the... Read more »

A Shocking Rise in Banned O-Zone Is Destroying Chemicals

CFCs have been prohibited for a considerable length of time. However, specialists have recognized new production in some place in East Asia. A sharp and puzzling ascent in discharges of a critical... Read more »

NASA Satellite Observed a Massive Change In Global Water

Scientists from NASA have revealed new data on our planet’s water, and it doesn’t look good at all. Parts in northern and eastern India, California, Australia, and the Middle East have trouble... Read more »

China Has the ‘Riskiest Environmental Project in History,’ According to a Distinguished Researcher

Renowned Professor William Laurance from James Cook University, Australia, recently stated that China’s new environmental project could be catastrophic. He is a global expert on infrastructure and said that China’s project poses... Read more »

The Mysterious Jellyfish That Looks Like a Plastic Bag Is Finally Caught on Camera

Studying sea creatures that live in the dark depths of the ocean is quite difficult, but technology has evolved, and we can now shed some light on the mysterious creatures. Researchers have... Read more »