Farmed Atlantic Salmon and Wild Salmon Could be Both Affected by Common Virus

A virus that is common when it comes to farmed Atlantic salmon looks like it is spreading around at a rapid rate. Fish farmers and fisheries in Canada are encourage to help... Read more »

Methane Emissions from Lakes Might Get Double in The Next 5 Decades

Freshwater lakes in the northern hemisphere could double methane emissions over the next five decades, says a new study. Scientists have discovered that lakes could be triggered by warmer water, increasing the... Read more »

Kilauea Volcano Erupts in Hawaii: Officials Have Evacuated Thousands of Residents

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has erupted on 3 May and its lava reached the nearest residential neighborhood. Knowing in advance that it might erupt, officials have urged locals to leave their... Read more »

Lettuce E. coli Outbreak the Largest in a Decade

A total of 121 individuals from 25 US states have turned out to be sick from E. coli from the romaine lettuce between the 13th of March 13 and the 21st of... Read more »

Unusual Geyser Eruptions in Yellowstone: Will There Be a Volcanic Eruption?

The largest active geyser in the world, known as the Steamboat Geyser, has erupted three times in the last six weeks at Yellowstone National Park. Geologists believe that under Wyoming, there’s a... Read more »

Climate Change is Going to Drastically Affect Future Seasons

It seems like a scenario taken from a dramatic novel or movie that explores how nature is going to take its vengeance on us, all the tragic events being caused by climate... Read more »

Radiation Pills for Residents in Amherstburg that Live Near Nuclear Plant

It looks like residents that have been living near the nuclear plant, namely residents from the Town of Amherstburg, will be given potassium iodide pills. The people that will be given these... Read more »

Scientists Discovered Arctic Sea Ice Contains Huge Amounts of Microplastics

We all know that plastic is a threat to the environment, but what do we know about microplastics? Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany, took samples of ice from three... Read more »

Gas Around Uranus Smells Rotten – Scientists Debates

Yes, it does sound amusing to even consider this to be the truth but scientists have just discovered that the gas around Uranus is actually hydrogen sulphide, which, for those of you... Read more »

How to Live Without Plastics: The First Step to Stop Pollution

It’s Earth Day today, and this year’s theme is plastic pollution. Our oceans are dying, animals suffocating with tons of plastics, even the water we drink contains plastic and it’s getting worse.... Read more »