Canada’s Landfills Might be Plastic Packaging-Free by 2040

Canadian plastic industry aims to make their plastic packaging either recyclable or “recoverable” by 2030. By 2040, they plan to divert plastic from landfills. Environmental groups also want to eliminate by 2025... Read more »

‘If the ocean dies, so do we,’ Said Margaret Atwood On The Future of The Ocean Ecosystems

Margaret Atwood, the renowned author, has recently attended the Under Her Eye summit in London. There, she commented on our future, which is linked to the oceans. Plastic pollution has gotten out... Read more »

Pilot Whale Dies In Thailand After Eating Over 80 Plastic Bags

In Southern Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia, a small male pilot whale was discovered in a canal. It was barely alive, according to Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources... Read more »

Florida Brewery Introduces Edible Six-Pack Rings To Save and Feed the Marine Wildlife

Who hasn’t seen awful footages or photos of marine life entangled in plastic rings? Even the sea birds become victims. Seals choke on them and small sea turtles’ shells get deformed as... Read more »

Saving the Bees: Health Canada Proposed to Phase Out Pesticides

Health Canada is set on phasing out common pesticides people use in the outdoors and on their crops. Recent studies have found that bees are affected by pesticides, but only in certain... Read more »

2-Million-Years-Old Teeth Discovered Inside African Cave Shines New Light on Africa’s Past Environment

Anthropologists at the University of Toronto (U of T) have conducted new research at the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. They discovered that two million years ago, southern Africa was a lot... Read more »

The European Union Plans to Ban Single-Use Plastic Products

A new ban has been proposed by the European Commission, aiming to reduce 70% of the garbage in the EU’s waters or beaches. They want to ban ten products which are single-use... Read more »

Environment Canada’s Special Weather Statement: The “First Heat Event” is Today

A new special weather statement has just been issued by Environment Canada. The citizen of Toronto will experience what is known as the “first heat event of the season.” The weather agency... Read more »

Calgary Facility Wants to Turn Fossil Fuel Emissions Into Useful Things

On 25 May, the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) announced that the would start turning carbon dioxide into useful products. The center will test carbon capture and technologies to convert carbon... Read more »

New Valleys Found in Antarctica are Concerning News

The West and East Antarctic Ice Sheets have been linked by unmapped and unseen valleys. Scientists describe them as… These mountain ranges have been hidden deep under the ice until a recent... Read more »