steve ecklund mountain lion

Steve Ecklund Flaunts Pics Of Dead Mountain Lion

Steve Ecklund gloats after killing mountain lion Many are of the opinion that killing an animal just because you can, like Steve Ecklund, host of hunting show ‘The Edge,’ makes you one... Read more »
dead shark iranian island

Dead Sharks Wash Ashore Iranian Island of Shif

Hundreds of dead sharks wash ashore Iranian island In a sad story out of Iran it has been reported and subsequently confirmed that hundreds of dead sharks have washed up on the... Read more »
polar bear orphan cubs

Churchill: Leave Our Polar Bear Orphan Cubs Alone

Churchill wants to keep their orphan polar bear cubs The polar bear has long been known as one of Canada’s most distinguishing characteristics and now, residents of Churchill, Manitoba say that it... Read more »
ancient arctic bear

Ancient Arctic Bears Loved Their Sweets

Ancient Arctic bears may have had a sweet tooth, sscientists say Ancient fossil evidence recently discovered in the Arctic indicates that certain primitive bears may have had a sweet tooth. The fossil... Read more »
declaw cat

Declawing Cats Outlawd In Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association bans Declawing of cats starting in March of 2018 If you own a cat and live in the province of Nova Scotia, you have until March 15... Read more »
golden retriever lifetime study

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Could Uncover Cause Of Cancer

Golden Retriever Lifetime study aims to find what causes cancer in dogs The Golden Retriever has long been known as one of the friendliest dog breeds on the planet, a fact that... Read more »
cow nativity scene

Stormy The Cow Is Not Into Nativity

Cow escapes from nativity scene, not once, but twice Somebody forgot to send Stormy the cow the memmo that during a Christmas nativity scene that you are a part of, you are... Read more »
rare european bird

Rare European Bird Shows Up In New Brunswick

Rare european bird called a mistle thrush in New Brunswick prompts visitors from all across North America A Rare European bird has bird watchers across Canada in a right tizzy and flocking... Read more »
right whale extinction

Right Whale Extinction A Real Possibility

Right whale extinction could really happen, say marine biologists The north atlantic right whale maybe on the verge of extinction according to marine biologists who state that it has been a very... Read more »

Starving Polar Bear Caught On Video

Starving polar bear caught on camera A video showing an emaciated polar bear struggling to walk has gone viral and the conservation group who captured the footage believe that climate change is... Read more »