Fishing Industry Catches the Wrong Fish, Claim Scientists

Big female fish lay more eggs than the small ones, and it’s a fact known for over a century. A report published on 10 May in the journal Science strengthens this fact.... Read more »

Are You Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Food? Here’s How It Can Make You Sick, Too

In a world where processed food has started to be demonized, many dog owners have begun to reconsider conventional pet food. We all think of what’s best for our health, so why... Read more »

Farmed Atlantic Salmon and Wild Salmon Could be Both Affected by Common Virus

A virus that is common when it comes to farmed Atlantic salmon looks like it is spreading around at a rapid rate. Fish farmers and fisheries in Canada are encourage to help... Read more »

PRV Virus Kills Pacific and Atlantic Salmon In Farms, Spreading Virus to Wild B.C. Fish Population

Latest studies show that there is a very contagious virus that impacts Atlantic salmon. Not only it started harming the Pacific salmon, but now it’s a serious threat to the wild salmon... Read more »

Scientists Have Discovered Healthy Tasmanian Devils That Could Help Saving the Species

Tasmanian devils are an endangered species, but scientists that were on a conservation expedition found a healthy group of the species in south-west Tasmania. This could mean that the species can be... Read more »

Quebec’s Rodeos Violate Animal Welfare Law, Shows Recent Report

A report following the study of over 20 video footage in Quebec rodeos that took place in Saint-Tite and Montreal last summer shows that the events violated animal welfare laws and were... Read more »

Using MRIs Calgary Scientists Aim to Reduce Use of Mice and Rats in Medical Research

The University of Calgary now has a small MRI to help minimize the number of rats and mice they have in their experiments. Using the small MRI, medical scientists at the university... Read more »

Brave Dogs that Saved the World Marching for Science

The environment is not such a big concern nowadays; if it were, people would be more careful and think twice about all the damage they cause to our natural resources only by... Read more »

Toronto Chef Shocks Animal Rights Protesters by Eating Venison In Front of Them

In a taunting act, a Toronto chef has appeared in front of the windows of the restaurant he owns with a raw deer leg. He took a knife and started separating the... Read more »

The more boats there are, the fewer fish species, according to Victoria researchers

The activities of offshore vessels as well as marinas and ferry terminals are detrimental to fish diversity in the Pacific coast’s seagrass beds, say researchers at the University of Victoria. The latter... Read more »