Android Apps Are Tracking Kids Unlawfully, Latest Study Says

Research from the International Computer Science Institute reveals that there are thousands of Android apps that are tracking children these days and of course they do it unlawfully. So, kids’ apps seem... Read more »

The Days Of The Postcode Lottery For Infertility Treatment Might Be Numbered, Favoring Equal Rights For Those Affected

There are a few proposals to end the postcode lottery in infertility treatment that will be put to the House of Commons. Equal rights for couples struggling with infertility are needed Steve... Read more »

“Night Owls” Should Be Entitled To Flexible Working Hours, According To Latest Research

“Night owls” have something to celebrate these days. Some say that people who work later in the evening or who simply stay up late binging on YouTube are more creative and even... Read more »

Juno Sends New Jupiter Photos After NASA’s 3D Rendition Of The Planet’s Storms

NASA’s Juno has been documenting all it finds in the outer space and sends photos back to the agency. Juno allowed people to already see and hear the auroras on Jupiter along... Read more »

NASA Continues The Hunt For New Planets With Its TESS Mission

The Transition Exoplanet Survey Sattelite aka TESS will be used by NASA to discover new planets. TESS is set for launch Monday afternoon on April 16. The spacecraft will scan the sky... Read more »

Number Of Infant Drug Addiction Cases In WT Not Dropping

Cases of babies born addicted to drugs are unfortunately not decreasing in West Virginia, reports latest data released from the West Virginia Dept. of Health and Human Resources. The statewide rate for... Read more »

Facebook Enters Damage-Control Mode & Notifies Users If Their Data Was Sold

More users received notifications on their News Feeds telling them if their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica. According to Facebook, more than 70 million users are in the U.S. If you’re... Read more »