trump affair

Trump Affair: Fact Or Fiction?

Trump affair rumors swirling around the White House While the president of the United States Donald Trump takes a break from advocating for the wall to separate America from Mexico, rumor has... Read more »
Jacqueline Kent Cooke hate crime

Jacqueline Kent Cooke Accused of Hate Crime

Jacqueline Kent Cooke accused of hate crime It is being reported that the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, Jacqueline Kent Cooke is being investigated by police for a... Read more »
e coli lettuce

E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Romain Lettuce

One death reported following outbreak of E. coli in Canada When it comes to advocating for healthy eating, one such food that is deemed particularly healthy for you is romaine lettuce, a... Read more »
glaucoma tea

Glaucoma: Drinking Tea Can Reduce Risk

Drinking tea has been shown to reduce risk of glaucoma When it comes to advocating for lifestyle choices that can reduce your risk of contracting certain conditions during your lifetime, tea drinkers... Read more »
Keaton James GoFundMe

Keaton Jones: Is His Mom In It For The Money?

Keaton Jones’ mother denies posting video to make money off her son Keaton Jones is a Tennessee native who the world now knows about thanks to his bravery in confronting his bullies... Read more »

Marijuana Maybe Coming To Shoppers Drug Mart

Canada’s Aphria may soon be selling medicinal marijuana to Loblaw Companies’ pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart, pending approval by the Canadian government. Pot is the rage these days with the drug becoming... Read more »
petsmart bichon frise dead

Little Dog Mauled To Death Inside Petsmart

A woman from Pennsylvania is demanding answers after her dog was mauled to death inside a PetSmart after she dropped it off to be groomed.   Betty Miller says that shortly after... Read more »
quebec niqab faces challenge constitution

Advocates Fight Back: Appeal Quebec Face-Covering Legislation

Controversy is brewing in the province of Quebec as a challenge to the constitution is on the way, over legislation approved last month that makes it manditory for people to uncover their... Read more »
Joann Ward Texas shooter Sutherland Springs church

Advocates For Tighter Gun Control Up In Arms Following Texas Massacre

A Sutherland Springs church goer is being called a hero today after he interveened during a shooting spree during morning service, saving the lives of many in the process. The man, whose... Read more »

Would You Like Pot With That 6-Pack?

Marijuana advocates living in Ontario Canada are jumping for joy as their dream for a world where smoking up is legal, may soon be a reality. Toronto has introduced legislation that if... Read more »