Are Humans Destroying The Environment? New Study Raises Awareness

Humankind has always been considered the supreme race despite the fact that there are even viruses, worms, fungi or types of fish that are three or 12 times greater and even 200... Read more »

Canada Raises A Red Flag, More Organ Donors Are Urgently Needed

This reminder came at a very difficult time for Canadians, after the Humboldt Broncos bus that crashed in which 15 people died and 14 other people were seriously injured. Logan Boulet, a... Read more »

British Columbia Warns People Of A Norovirus Possible Outbreak

The norovirus has been linked to the consumption of raw oysters so health officials from British Columbia have decided to shut down two oyster farms for an investigation into this matter. This... Read more »
scientists chocolate extinct

Scientists: Chocolate Extinct by 2050 Real Possibility

Scientists say chocolate could be extinct by 2050 If you are to believe everything you hear, and are fond of the sweet stuff, then today will not be a very good day... Read more »
polar bear orphan cubs

Churchill: Leave Our Polar Bear Orphan Cubs Alone

Churchill wants to keep their orphan polar bear cubs The polar bear has long been known as one of Canada’s most distinguishing characteristics and now, residents of Churchill, Manitoba say that it... Read more »
brittany covington plea

Brittany Covington Plea: What Is Wrong With America?

Brittany Covington plea deal is a slap in the face to the victim she tormented Advocates for disability rights are up in arms after Brittany Covington, the 19 year old woman who,... Read more »
disability pension canadian vets

Canada Drops The Ball On Its War Vets

Canadian war vets injured in the line of duty will not be entitled to life long disability compensation after the B.C. Court of Appeal struck down their class action lawsuit. The lawsuit,... Read more »
earthquake south korea exam

Earthquake Postpones National Exam In South Korea

Students across South Korea preparing to take a major exam that will either get them into university or not, are twiddling their thumbs after their exam was postponed following an earthquake.  ... Read more »
zambia elephant trampled tourists

Tourists Trampled To Death While On Safari In Zambia

Two tourists have been killed in the country of Zambia when they were trampled to death by a massive elephant while trying to take pictures of the animal.   The tourists, who... Read more »
leptospirosis Nova Scotia pets

Health Officials Concerned Over LeptoSpirosis Outbreak In Nova Scotia

With a sudden spike in Leptospirosis cases being diagnosed in Nova Scotia pets, health officials are now worried that humans may also be at risk. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that effects... Read more »