Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky

Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky Fails Doping Test

Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky tests positive for meldonium Well it was only a matter of time before a Russian failed a drug test at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang South Korea as... Read more »
tom petty accidental overdose

Tom Petty: Accidental Overdose Official Cause of Death

Tom Petty died from an accidental overdose It is being reported that Tom Petty, who credits Chuck Berry for the creation of rock and roll and was a vocal advocate for black... Read more »
canadians cant pay bills

Canadians Can’t Pay Bills, Survey Finds

Survey finds that Canadians can’t pay bills Results of a new survey have revealed a lot of doom and gloom for Canadians as it suggests that up to one third of Canadians... Read more »
$18 billion mexico wall

Trump Wants $18 Billion For Mexico Wall

Trump wants $18 billion for Mexico wall The biggest advocate for keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States, President Trump is back in the spotlight, this time because he is proposing... Read more »
scientists chocolate extinct

Scientists: Chocolate Extinct by 2050 Real Possibility

Scientists say chocolate could be extinct by 2050 If you are to believe everything you hear, and are fond of the sweet stuff, then today will not be a very good day... Read more »
polar bear orphan cubs

Churchill: Leave Our Polar Bear Orphan Cubs Alone

Churchill wants to keep their orphan polar bear cubs The polar bear has long been known as one of Canada’s most distinguishing characteristics and now, residents of Churchill, Manitoba say that it... Read more »
chris froome

Chris Froome: My Asthma Got Worse At The Vuelta

Chris Froome denies any wrongdoing after testing positive for an excessive amount of asthma medication during this year’s Spanish Vuelta Chris Froome, the golden boy when it comes to cycling at the... Read more »
chris froome

Chris Froome Fails Drug Test

Chris Froom fails drug test Cycling has long been known as one of the dirtiest sports in the world when it comes to doping and Chris Froome has not done the sport... Read more »
brittany covington plea

Brittany Covington Plea: What Is Wrong With America?

Brittany Covington plea deal is a slap in the face to the victim she tormented Advocates for disability rights are up in arms after Brittany Covington, the 19 year old woman who,... Read more »
new mexico shooting

Police Search For Motive After School Shooting

Fatal shooting inside Aztec highschool New Mexico is the location of the most recent act of gun violance in America as early yesterday morning a gunman opened fire inside a high school,... Read more »