By 2035, the Number of Elderly Cancer Patients Could Rise by 80%

Experts have predicted that in the next 20 years, the number of older cancer patients will increase. More exactly, Cancer Research UK found that by 2035, the number of old people diagnosed... Read more »

The World Health Organization No Longer Considers Transgender People As Having a Mental Illness

After categorizing video game addiction as a mental health problem, the World Health Organization ruled out gender dysphoria as being a mental illness. Instead of seeing gender incongruence as a mental illness,... Read more »

Researchers Found The Missing Ordinary Matter

What is ordinary matter and why couldn’t it be found until now if it’s called ‘ordinary’? Ordinary matter is also known as “baryons.” It makes up every physical object, like stars and... Read more »

Two Graduate Students Found a Way to Create New Genes ‘Overnight’

Two graduate students, Sebastian Palluk and Daniel Arlow, have created a way to synthesize DNA in a faster, cheaper and easier way. At the moment, creating a new gene is expensive and... Read more »

Less Alcohol Means a Lower Risk of Cancer, Suggests New Study

There is a link between alcohol and cancer. A new study shows that if people drink less alcohol, they have a lower risk of cancer than the ones that drink more. Researchers... Read more »

Famous Astronaut Chris Hadfield Doesn’t Think NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin Will Get to Mars

Astronauts getting to Mars is the ‘next big thing’ in space exploration. However, legendary astronaut Chris Hadfield doesn’t believe that NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin will be able to send humans on... Read more »

Daily Fasting Helps Reducing Weight: Study Analysis of 16:8 Diet

Daily fasting really works in reducing weight and lowering blood pressure, according to a new study. The study was published by researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, in the journal Nutrition... Read more »

Confirmed Case of Measles: Exposure at Thornhill Mall’s Movie Theatre

People that went to the movie in Thornhill Mall may have been exposed to measles, warn officials. Earlier this month, the case of measles has been confirmed. York Region Public Health’s news... Read more »

Researchers Discovered a Rare Black Hole As It Swallowed a Star

Ever since scientists discovered black holes, they’ve known only about two type: a huge one that could swallow a whole galaxy, and a smaller one that can swallow the sun. More recently,... Read more »

Is There Really Water on The Moon?

A recent study has put to rest many debates on whether there is or not water on the moon. A team of scientists at the Tohoku University, Japan, found proof inside a... Read more »