New Contraceptive Pills for Men Will Not Affect Hormones

There is a new study, which was published today in PLOS ONE that shows there is a new compound named EP055 to help with creating a “male pill” for contraception without affecting... Read more »

Too Much Fat on The Belly Increases Cardiovascular Disease, Researchers Say

Being a little overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, but a new research presented on 20 April at the European Society for Cardiology shows that it’s also important where that... Read more »

Earth Day: The Evolution of an Idea to a Global Holiday

The first Earth Day event started in 1970 in the US, and over the past decades, it has been embraced by almost all the countries in the world. Now, Earth Day is... Read more »

50% of the Great Barrier Reef is Dead Since 2016. What Happens When All Coral Reefs Die Off?

A new study published in the journal Nature shows that a third of the 3,863 reefs in the Great Barrier Reef has died off after a heat wave in 2016. One year... Read more »

Prototype ‘Artificial Mole’ Implant Can Warn Doctors of Early Cancer

Scientists from Switzerland have created a skin implant which is still in experimental stage. The implant will help doctors find early signs of cancers in patients. It will darken like a mole... Read more »

Our Ancient Ancestors Hunted Big Mammals To Extinction, New Study Says

How did Earth lose its huge mammals, you’d ask yourself? A new study has answered to this mystery, and it seems that we’re to blame. Well, it wasn’t us who did it,... Read more »

The Lyrid Meteor Shower: A Weekend Full of Shooting Stars

If you like to watch the sky and see shooting stars, then you’re lucky! This week has had plenty of them, as the annual Lyrid meteor shower has begun on 16 April.... Read more »

Junk Food Marketing Secretly Targets Kids On Social Media and on the Internet

If children are addicted to junk food, it’s because of the food advertising messing with the child’s brain. Many ads are directed especially to children, luring them towards unhealthy food. These facts... Read more »

A Bike and Google Street View Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Ontario

It’s called BikeAround, and it helps people from retirement homes to travel the world or to revisit places they cherish and remember. Starting as a project, this stationary bike with the Google... Read more »

Ready For a Mission To Mars? Here Is A Problem You Never Thought To Encounter

Space flight is a challenge. We already know that astronauts face freezing temperatures, the vacuum of space, isolation, and radiation, but have you ever considered you might even lose your sight? Researchers... Read more »