Are We Really Going to Build a City on Mars?

As per a NASA expert, UAE has a plan to build a city on Mars and it’s not going down for anything. It all happened in 2017, when UAE talked about its... Read more »

Sound Waves to Show Diamond Cache Deep in Inner Earth

The ultradeep reserve may be dispersed inside cratonic roots, which are the most settled and most enthusiastic portions of rock that exist underneath the focal point of the most territory structural plates.... Read more »

NASA’s Cassini Final Moments: It Sent Data on Earth Till Its Last Moments

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was nominated by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) for the Outstanding Original Interactive Program award, due to the scope of the Cassini mission’s Grand... Read more »

New Data Generated By Gaia, Hubble Might Lead to New Physics

Measuring the rate of the universe’s expansion is something difficult and scientists have been trying to get it right for years. However, this time they might be closer than they have ever... Read more »

The Most Sensitive Radio Telescope Will Be Used in South Africa

MeerKAT is the most sensitive radio telescope on the planet and it is now used in South Africa. This is the first time all its 64 dishes are used in order to... Read more »

University of New South Wales Scientists Reach New Milestone in Quantum Advancement

UNSW researchers have announced a new landmark in their pursuit of creating a quantum computer chip. Scientists from the Centre of Excellence For Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, which is a part... Read more »

NASA Discovers Rare “Equal Mass” Double Asteroids Orbiting Each Other

Observations made by using three of the world’s largest radio telescopes revealed that an asteroid discovered last year is actually two asteroids of about 900 meters in size and orbiting each other.... Read more »

Physical Boundaries Are Important for Employees’ Productivity

Removing cubicles from an office and turning it into an open office might not be a good idea. A new study analyzed these offices and it revealed that tearing down walls reduces... Read more »

Brightest Radio Signals to Ever Hit Earth Coming from a Distant Past

A new study was published in The Astrophysical Journal, revealing a quasar (P352-15) that emitted radio signals coming from a point in time when the universe was not older than one billion... Read more »

Massive Contamination Leads to the Recall of a Common Heart Medication

These days, Canada is facing a serious heart drugs crisis. Chronic patients are the most affected by this situation, but the authorities still don’t know what they should do. In addition, pharmacists... Read more »