tim hortons protest

Tim Hortons: Canadians Protest Over Employee Mistreatment

Tim Hortons protestors ralley behind employees Residents of Ontario are sticking up for their fellow men and women who work at Tim Hortons by protesting the company’s decision to short change their... Read more »
naked swimming calgary

Naked Swimming Could Be Coming To Calgary

Naked Swimming: Calgary to vote yes or no today Advocates for naked swimming are on the verge of a major breakthrough when it comes to their right to swim in the nude... Read more »
canine influenza canada

Canine Influenza: Canada Reports Two Cases

Canine influenza confirmed in Canada, health officials say Maybe your dog should be getting a flu shot as well as it appears that there is a version of canine influenza that has... Read more »
h and m racist ad

H and M: Racist Ad Pulled From Website

H and M racist ad causing massive uproar One sure way to cause a fuss is to create an online ad for your company featuring a black child along with the slogan... Read more »
carrie gracie quits bbc

Carrie Gracie Quits BBC Over Unequal Pay

Carrie Gracie quits BBC over Unfair pay When it comes to equal pay for men and women in the work force we still have quite a way to go and in the... Read more »
east coast cold

East Coast Cold Cripples Eastern US

East Coast cold brings life to a standstill It has been a long time since we have experienced this type of deep freeze, both in Canada as well as in certain parts... Read more »
iranian tanker china

Iranian Tanker Collides With Ship In China Sea

Iranian tanker collides with cargo ship in China Sea, crew feared dead It is being reported that an Iranian oil tanker travelling from Iran to South Korea has collided with a cargo... Read more »
tim hortons tips

Tim Hortons: No More Tips

Tim Hortons Owners say no more tips for employees On January 1st the amount paid to employees earning minimum wage went up from $11.60 to $14 in the province of Ontario and... Read more »
wynne tim hortons

Kathleen Wynne Blasts Tim Hortons Brass

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Stands up for Tim Hortons Employees January first marked a significant day in the province of Ontario as minimum wage jumped up to 14 dollars, but Tim Hortons... Read more »
gas prices high

Gas Prices Going High Across Canada

Gas prices soaring high across Canada this year When it comes to advocating for lower gas prices across Canada, it appears that nobody in the position to do anything about robbery at... Read more »