Migrant Children Separated from Their Parents and What Impact this Could have on Their Health

Thousands of people cross the U.S. – Mexico border illegally every month in search for a better life. However, with a new “zero-tolerance” policy implemented by the administration of the U.S. president,... Read more »

Donald Trump to Order the Pentagon to Create a Space Force

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The Housing Market Already Affected by Climate Change

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Scientists Find a New Kind of Photosynthesis

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Ice Melt from the West Antarctic Threatening the US

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Martian Storms And The Phenomenon

First spotted by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on May 30, the dust storm already covers a quarter of Mars and keeps on growing. This event threatens the mission of NASA’s Opportunity rover,... Read more »

Why You Should Hire a Tech-savvy Lawyer

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Could Wormholes Send Gravitational Waves?

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Newly Discovered Cosmic Dust can help us Understand the Forming of Celestial Bodies

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Dust Storm Threatens NASA’s Opportunity Rover

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